Putting the faith back in humanity – one step at a time

Together people are rising to help the victims of war and persecution.
We've provided aid to countries such as Syria, France and Bangladesh and now Yemen which is currently one of the poorest countries in the Middle East.

Yemen Appeal with Heartship Charity

Refugee Aid Network, were one of the only UK charities that managed to get an aid container into Yemen through the blockade in 2017. It wasn't easy but after many months of hard work we managed to succeed in providing some food to those in desperate need. Our friends at Heartship have done the most amazing work in securing medical equipment and supplies, enough to fill several containers, but until funding is in place for the containers, vital lifesaving equipment is standing idle. The Yemeni people have endured four years of horror, with the war raging around them. Infrastructure has been destroyed. Disease is rife and famine a threat to 18 million people. More than 3 million children are malnourished. There is no end in sight. Please help us get this medical aid to where it is so desperately needed. Please donate if you can and share everywhere.


Paris is as horrific as ever, maybe worse. Hundreds of people, including women and children, are living on the streets in disgusting and degrading conditions, surrounded by filth and rats. Due to Dublin regulation many refugees will be forced to live like this for many months, through freezing winters and scorching summers with no protection expect the tents and blankets that volunteers work so hard to provide. Until recently, most refugees were living in an area of Paris known for violence, drug use and prostitution.


Refugee Aid Network, either aim to be in countries when needed helping when people need us the most or work with agencies on the ground. We collectively have appeals that run in the background to ensure we are available to support when disaster strikes, therefore we need continuous funds for emergency situations.


Violence and the repeated destruction of the ‘camp’ by the police mean that most have now moved and are scattered around other parts of the city. Where ever they are, there are few, if any toilets or washing facilities; food is only what volunteers can supply and there is the constant threat of violence or arrest. Most refugees are sick, either mentally or physically. Everyone has a story to tell about war, persecution or poverty at home. Many talk about how they miss their families; parents or siblings that have died since they left; their guilt at still not being to send money home to provide food or education now that they have reached the ’promised land’ of Europe. Please continue to help RAN UK help refugees in Paris.

What's it like to be a volunteer

Volunteering for RAN is a very worthwhile though challenging experience, it has given me a chance to give something back whilst opening up networks and experiences I never would have access to – long term friends, business people, finance, publicity, fundraising, presenting and event coordination. Volunteering for RAN can be a lot of fun. It is exciting to meet new people all the time, from different walks of life, all getting involved in the global community spirit. The trips to camps however can be traumatic, but it is extremely rewarding to directly help those who need us, a rare opportunity and privilege I will forever be grateful for.

- Caitlin, Trustee.

  • 100% Donation Policy

    Every penny of your donations received is used to fund and distribute aid abroad, no money from appeals is spent on Charity overhead or salaries.

  • 100 Tonnes

    In one year together we've managed to send over 100 tonnes of aid to Syria in places such as besieged Aleppo and Idlib. Our donations include food, clothing and life saving medical aid.

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